Statutory Reports in Myanmar

The directors must forward a report (Statutory Reports) to every member of the company at least 21 days before the day the Statutory Meeting is to be held. At least two directors of the company or the chairman of the directors if authorized by the directors must certify the Statutory Report. 

Statutory reports in Myanmar

The following Details are to be included in a Statutory Reports:-

  • The total number of shares allotted, distinguishing shares as fully or partly paid up otherwise than in cash and stating in the case of shares partly paid up  the extent to which they are so paid up, and in either case the consideration for which they have been allotted;
  • The total amount of cash received by the company in respect of all the shares allotted, distinguished as above;
  • An abstract of the payments and receipts of the company made within 7 days of the date of the report;
  • The names, addresses, nationality and descriptions of the directors, auditors, managing agents and managers, if any, and secretary of the company and the changes, if any, which have occurred since the date of the incorporation;
  • The particulars of any contract, the modification of which is to be submitted to the meeting for its approval, together with the particulars of the modification or proposed modification;
  • The extent to which underwriting contracts, if any, have been carried out;
  • The arrears, if any, due on any calls from directors, managing agents and managers, and the particulars of any commission or brokerage paid or to be paid in connection with the issue or sale of shares to any director, managing agent or manager.

Statutory Reports shall be certified as correct by the auditors of the company and then delivered to the Registrar for registration after sending a copy to the each of the members of the company.

Statutory Meeting in Myanmar

Every company limited by shares (or by guarantee and having a share capital) must hold a general meeting of the members called a Statutory Meeting.